How to Draw Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars

Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars image

In Return of the Jedi, Jabba the Hutt held Han Solo captive – frozen in carbonite, in his palace on the planet Tatooine. In one of the most memorable cinematic battles of all time – it was up to Luke, Leia, Lando, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2 – to free him.

Here, let’s tackle this slug-like alien from the Star Wars universe, in the form of a simple ‘likeness-oriented’ drawing lesson!

First Step – A Box and Two Triangles

His form can be simplified into three basic shapes – a square for the core part of his body, and two triangles – one for his head, the other to mark of his long – squirmy tail. Below, I’ve come up with a simple design to help keep that likeness to the original character when drawing him.

Here’s it is…

Draw a simple box framework for Jabba the Hutt
Add triangles to the framework to draw Jabba the Hutt
Addint arms and a tail tip to the Jabba the Hutt framework

Pretty straight forward – and actually, he’s quite easy to draw due to the overall simplicity of his body.

That said – let’s continue on to the drawing part!

Second Step – Draw Jabba the Hutt

OK – now for the fun part! Drawing a likeness to this character is best accomplished by beginning with the head/eyes area. Of course, this is much the same with any sentient cartoon drawing.

Step by step, here’s how the lesson unfolds…

Give Jabba the Hutt to circular eyes
Drawing Jabba the Hutt's head
Drawing Jabba the Hutt's shoulders
Drawing Jabba the Hutt's arms
Drawing Jabba the Hutt's hands
Drawing Jabba the Hutt's body
Drawing the details of Jabba the Hutt
Adding more details to Jabba the Hutt
Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars image
Drawing of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars

And there he is… the Hutt himself- in the flesh – er – lines! Notice the simplest and subtle-most details (well-placed lines) that once added, really bring the character into view. That plus the coloring job, and you’ve got quite the neat-looking likeness to the original character.

So what now? Hmmm… how about sketching in a mini ‘Salacious Crumb’ sitting on the end of his tail!

Congrats on a job well drawn. 🙂