Jack O Lantern Drawing Cartoon Lesson

Jack O Lantern Drawing image

Similar to the real thing, creating this Jack O Lantern drawing will actually save you a lot of work. But then again, I’ll admit… cleaning and carving a real pumpkin is one of the most fun parts of Halloween!

Well, we’ll have to agree then… drawing one is the next best thing, and in this lesson – that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

Before you get started, know that there are thousands and thousands of different combinations of faces for a jack o lantern. So, use this example to help in coming up with something uniquely yours.

Alright then… no point on talking about it when there’s work (fun work!) to be done. So let’s get going with the lesson…

Jack o lantern drawing - a simple circle framework

First Step – Framework & Face

OK, begin by drawing a nice-looking circle or oval on the page in front of you. Here, a stencil, protractor… or even the bottom of a can will really come in handy.

After that, draw a cross that marks both the horizontal centerline and vertical centerline of the face of your jack o lantern drawing. This helps maintain symmetry and proportion.

Once you have a nice and simple guideline to work from, the next step of course is to go ahead and draw in the face. To do this, remember that there are many different ways your jack o lantern can look. Mine’s not too ‘over the top’ with just the eyes and mouth, but in your case – feel free to get even more creative and add some additional features.

Tip: Unlike how I’ve done below, the eyes and teeth would actually appear seamless in relation to the rest of the pumpkin. The face you create on a real pumpkin is actually a negative where the pieces you cut away give way to the ‘image’ of a face. So, keep your lines light here… there’ll be a little erasing to do in the next step!

Jack o lantern drawing - drawing the eyes and mouth Jack o lantern drawing - drawing the face details

Just like drawing any other type of face, the face of a jack o lantern – or pumpkin (depending on how you look at it!) is not at all a difficult task.

All finished the face then? Great… let’s move on to the next step… drawing the head!

Jack o lantern drawing - erasing lines for a better look

Second Step – Drawing the Head

Alright, so you got your jack o lantern’s face all set up the way you want it… now before you continue, it’s a good idea to erase a few unwanted lines.

Again, the face of a real pumpkin is actually is a negative in that the pieces you cut out are what gives off the image of the face.

So, take out your eraser and get rid of the lines where the eyeballs and the teeth (or whichever parts in your case) connect with the solid part of the pumpkin.

Do this and you’ve got a much more convincing jack o lantern drawing to work with! OK, let’s move on to the actual head (or pumpkin) part of the drawing…

Jack o lantern drawing - sketching the top and bottom of the pumpkin Jack o lantern drawing - completing the pumpkin

Using the centerline and the oval framework, sketch in some symmetrically aligned humps, just as I’ve done above. Actually, don’t worry about making them perfectly even on both sides. Pumpkins come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and so it’s totally OK if it’s a little bit lop-sided.

Finally, draw two large curved lines to complete the outer left and right perimeter of your jack o lantern drawing. And when you’re done that, only one last thing remains!

Jack o lantern drawing - beginning the 3D phase

Final Step – A ‘3D’ Look

If you like – and this is completely optional as you’ve already got a pretty cool looking jack o lantern drawing… give your work a three-dimensional look.

How? Well, like this…

First, mark off a dot right in the middle of the cross portion of your framework. Then, around different parts of your jack o lantern (eyes, mouth, teeth, etc.) draw additional lines just as I’ve done below.

First, draw the diagonal portions so that the eyes and teeth appear to go ‘inwards and towards the center‘. Then, draw parallel lines to complete each feature, giving it a ‘block-like’ appearance. No, you don’t really need the dot – but making it stand out like I’ve done makes it easier to see how the lines are moving back towards the center of the drawing.

Jack o lantern drawing - making the eyes and mouth pop Jack o lantern drawing cartoon image

Once you get the 3D look going on, there isn’t too much left to do. Get rid of the underlying framework for one, and then – give your jack o lantern drawing a stem, similar to the one you see above.

And other than that… you’re all finished! You’ve now got a wonderful new skill – creating cool-looking jack o lantern drawings of all different sorts! Here’s to a job well done! 🙂

But wait… there’s more!

If you’d like to take your jack o lantern drawing a step further – and if you love to make arts and crafts, I recommend you check out this tutorial on how to make Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Ornaments at How-to-Arts-and-Crafts.com.