How to Draw James P Sullivan

James P Sullivan cartoon image

Played by John Goodman, James P Sullivan – in the hit Pixar animation movie, "Monsters INC." – is a ‘top scarer’ for the company, and also…

Protector to ‘Boo’ – the little girl, one of the main stars in the movies.

Here in this cartoon drawing lesson – let’s go ahead and draw a simplified version of the character…

One that certainly resembles the original – in shape, form, size, color, etc. – yet, that also represents a unique take on the character, and so – not exactly the same.

Let’s begin!

How to Draw James P Sullivan from Monsters INC.s

OK then, so let’s begin our cartoon drawing lesson with yes – a simple arrangement of basic shapes…

Something to help you visualize the form and structure – that composes our character from Monsters INC.

Of course – this isn’t the ‘real’ structure. In real life – James P Sullivan would have a complete skeleton, the same way we do, and the same way animals do.

Still – for the purpose of drawing simple cartoons, going about a drawing this way – can be quite helpful.

Let’s begin!

James P Sullivan cartoon drawing framwork

Lines and simple shapes in place – we can already get a sense, as to what ‘kind’ of character James P Sullivan will be.

We know in the movies, he’s this big hulking gorilla of a monster – and yes, it’s shapes arranged as you see in the example above – that for the purpose of creating a unique take on the character…

Will help us visualize and draw him.

Here’s where the lines begin…

James P Sullivan - drawing the eye and nose

Eye and nose in place – and then fading our lines to grey, so we can see what we just drew, much more easily…

Next go ahead, and bring out some of the other basic features of his face.

Take your time!

James P Sullivan - drawing the face

Face in place, now go around the head of your Monsters INC. character.

Compare the image here – to what James P Sullivan *actually* looks like in the movies…

And you can realy see and appreciate, how just a few simple spiky lines – will achieve a similar look to the original.

See what you can come up with!

James P Sullivan - completing the head

Working in sequence – for the sake of showing you, which order to best place your lines…

Next – go ahead and draw in the other horn, and then begin on his body – starting with his left shoulder and belly area.

Here’s how mine looks…

James P Sullivan - drawing the horn and shoulder

Arms are next.

And yes – at this 3/4ish view, you can simply mirror the part of his right arm over – so that you’re only drawing what’s actually visible, the arm being obscured by his belly.

Here’s what I came up with…

James P Sullivan - drawing the arms

Still going now – here – begin to draw in James P Sullivan’s left hand.

Start with the index finger, and then gradually work your way to the right – one finger at a time.

Like so…

James P Sullivan - drawing the hands

Moving along – in this next step, you can see we’re just about finished the drawing lesson.

Bring out his left leg and tail.

And also…

Go ahead and sketch in his thumb – as well as part of his right leg.

Here’s how he looks…

James P Sullivan - drawing the feet

A few final touches.

Wow – the grey lines, really do help to show just how far we’ve come. I think this really helps to compare between the step you’re working on, and the one you’ve just completed.

What do you think?

Almost there… 🙂

James P Sullivan - completing the drawing

OK. Here he is!

James P Sullivan from Monsters INC. – black lines only…

James P Sullivan cartoon drawing

And then of course – with a splash of digitally added color – turqoise and purple, doing the trick…

James P Sullivan cartoon image

And that’s all there is too it!

Of course, you ‘may’ or ‘may not’ be done at this point.

I wonder – how many other ways could you approach this lesson? You know, Mike’s an easy character to draw – his head being a big circle, and one big eye. Why not go ahead and try drawing him, alongside James?

Well, hope you had some fun with this!

See you real soon for the next lesson. 🙂