How to Draw a Japanese Lantern

Japanese lantern cartoon image

If you ever visit Japan, you’ll be sure to witness this Japanese lantern at some point. Hung outside of shops and restaurants, they serve as signs so you know what is being sold. This particular one bears the name of a popular chicken dish – ‘Yakitori’ – similar to a shish kabobas it’s served on a skewer.

Quick and simple, here’s how to draw it…

First Step – A Framework

Simplified, the above picture can be broken down into one basic shape – a rectangle. Its corners are of course curved though — you can bring these features out as you draw it.

Like so…

Japanese lantern - simple line drawing Japanese lantern - a rectangle for a framework

The centerline above will be helpful in the final step – when you draw in the lettering.

And here’s the drawing part…

Second Step – Draw Your Lantern, Step by Step

Using the rectangle to help you position your drawing – keeping things centered… go ahead and draw using these three images to help you out.

Step by step, here’s how it looks…

Japanese lantern - drawing the body Japanese lantern - drawing the top and bottom Japanese lantern cartoon image

Now – if you’re thinking of coloring your picture, I recommend you go with a bright red – as this is how they usually look. For the lettering, save some room around them, as you will normally see a thick white border around each letter so that it will stand out better.

And that’s all there is to it! 🙂