How to Draw a Jasmine Flower Drawing

Jasmine flower drawing cartoon image

Here, let’s create a simple Jasmine flower drawing – one that is all the more easy to draw as it takes on a rather familiar shape… that of a star. Notice the difference in the tips of the upper three petals compared to the bottom ones. It’s subtle differences like these that make each flower all the more unique.

Alright, let’s get drawing…

How to Draw a Jasmine Flower

Beginning with a simple star guideline — if you find it helpful… go ahead and draw your flower similar to how I’ve done in the examples below. Feel free to change your creation up a bit – change the way the petals overlap, the tilt of the flower, and maybe even the size of the petals too.

Here’s how to draw it…

Jasmine flower drawing - a simple line framwork Jasmine flower drawing - drawing the center of the flower Jasmine flower drawing - drawing the first two petals Jasmine flower drawing - drawing the third petal Jasmine flower drawing - drawing the fourth petal Jasmine flower drawing - completed cartoon image

Pretty straight forward — each spoke of the guideline can be used ahead of time to ensure that each petal of your flower lines up… or is at least of the same relative size. But of course, this isn’t always the case in nature. It’s OK to draw it a bit lop-sided, turned, curved, etc. And this is a good thing, as your drawing will only be all the more unique!

And that’s how to create a simple Jasmine flower. Next step, take a look at some photos (or outside!) and see if you can come up with a nice color combination for your flower.