How to Draw Kimchi


In Korea, it’s nearly impossible to order a meal without a side order of kimchi. And this is a good thing! It’s one of the healthiest foods in the country – and probably – the world!

Actually, ‘kim-chi’ is the name used for the dish itself. It’s what you get when you mix a cabbage called ‘baechu‘ with hot pepper powder.

With respect to drawing, I decided to focus on the cabbage as it’s easier to draw and looks very nice when it’s all done. Take a look to the right to see what I mean. Nice and simple – looks a lot like a head of romaine lettuce.

Something to add… the white lines are the veins of the leaves. In your drawing, you may want to have them branch out a bit more for a more realistic effect.

Alright then, let’s get at it!

First Step – Use a Centerline to Help You Draw Your Kimchi

If you find it helpful, use a vertical line to help maintain symmetry in your drawing. Then, go ahead and begin by drawing a large ‘U’ shape. Have the upper lines curve in toward the center ever-so-slightly.

With the first U in place, go to its lower, inner part and draw a second one… just like this…

Kimchi First Step Kimchi First Step Kimchi First Step

In the third image above, you can see how the outer left and right leaves of this kimchi (baechu) are positioned nice and equal on either side of the centerline. As you draw yours – don’t worry about making them perfectly aligned. Simple cloud-like strokes along a similar path will get you the desired look.

Shall we wrap things up then? Alright, just a few more things and you’re done…

Kimchi Final Step

Second Step – Detail Your Cartoon Kimchi

To bring this vegetable nicely into view, there are still a few more lines that need to be drawn.

The central leaf – starting at the very bottom… is obscured by both the left and right ones. Draw a couple more bumps to close the gap at the very top, bringing it into view.

Finally, use the outer left and right curves, along with the help of your centerline – to create the central white parts of each leaf. After this, feel free to draw in the white veins as well. Or if you like, save them for when you do the coloring just as I’ve done at the very top.

Speaking of color – you may want add some red blotches here and there. Then it’ll look a lot less like a baechu – and a lot more like the famous korean food. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the lesson… be sure to come on back soon for another!

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