How to Draw Link from Legend of Zelda

Cartoon Link from Legend of Zelda image

A follow up to a previous lesson, this time – draw Link to look MUCH simpler – and cuter too! Symmetrical and using very simple line placement, drawing this version of the character is a snap!

Let’s begin!

First Step – A Simple Framework

To begin, go ahead and sketch out the framework for your character. The centerline – as you can see below — helps to keep everything equal (left and right) as you progress.

Like so…

Drawing Link from Zelda - a simple framework Completing a framework to draw Link from Zelda

With respect to his sword and shield – the shapes you see in purple and orange – will help a great deal, as we’re going to sketch them first.

Let’s continue now…

Second Step – Draw!S

Even though we normally would start with the face, here – let’s draw the sword and shield first.


Well, because these items appear first to the eye of the observer, it’s easier to sketch in those parts of the character – parts that aren’t obscured by the weapons – last.

Here are the steps…

Drawing Link's hand and shield Drawing Link's sword How to draw Link's face How to draw Link's head and ears How to draw Link's hair How to draw Link's hat Drawing Link's body Drawing Link's clothing Drawing Link's legs and shoes Simple black and white drawing of Link from Zelda Cartoon drawing of Link from Zelda Cartoon drawing of Link from The Legend of Zelda

Even in the most simple of drawings – making a character ‘look like’ the one we’re aiming for can easily be done. Key details such as those on his shield, his clothing, the colors, etc. — all help to let the viewer know… yup – it’s who it’s supposed to be!

And now you can draw him in two different ways. Experiment with your own variations so that ‘two’ becomes INFINITE!