How to Draw a Liopleurodon

How to draw liopleurodon cartoon image

Usually when we think ‘dinosaurs’ Liopleurodon isn’t exactly the first one that comes to mind. T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops… yup – those a bit more common. Really though – this dinosaur (actually a ‘pliosaur’ to be 100% correct!) is one of the coolest ever. And based on its looks alone – it kind of resembles a cross between a crocodile and a shark. Quite the predator!

Actually, to give you a better idea of what this dinosaur’s all about – take a quick look at this YouTube link. It shows this dinosaur hunting it’s prey– really neat stuff!

Alright – let’s draw!

First Step – Draw a Liopleurodon Framework

This dinosaur takes on a shape quite similar to a crocodile, minus its fins. In the following two images, you can get a better appreciation for how this dinosaur is structured – and above all, how you should go about drawing it!

Like so…

How to draw liopleurodon - simple two cirlce framework How to draw liopleurodon - adding details to the framework

Nice and simple, a circle and oval – connected by some lines does the trick just fine. All set now to draw this dinosaur!


Second Step – Draw Your Dinosaur!

Beginning with the head, and moving on up and to the right from there – bring your dinosaur into view using the following examples. Note how its swimming through the water at such an angle that its front and back fins on its far right side are obscured by the body, and can not entirely be seen.

Here’s how it takes shape!

How to draw liopleurodon - drawing the top part of the head How to draw liopleurodon - adding the eye and some teeth How to draw liopleurodon - drawing the rest of the mouth How to draw liopleurodon - completing the head How to draw liopleurodon - drawing the back and the tail How to draw liopleurodon - drawing the flippers How to draw liopleurodon - drawing the other flippers Cartoon image of a liopleurodon

So… how’s your dinosaur looking?

At this point – it’s safe to say… you’re all done! Now though – why not grab your pencil crayons and give this dinosaur some color. What color? Hard to say! Much with any other prehistoric creature, we really don’t know what shade they took on. I went with a blueish-grey. In your case… pink!?

Well – there’s another cartoon dinosaur lesson completed. Hope you enjoyed it!