Cartoon Lotus Flower Drawing Lesson

Lotus flower drawing image

Creating a lotus flower drawing like the one you see on the right is actually a pretty simple task. The key to its simplicity is symmetry.

Just like some of the other lessons on the site, drawing a lotus flower is easier when you ensure that left is equal to right. Using a center line really comes in handy. Basically, follow each step in the exact order and you really can’t go wrong!

Before we continue, did you know that the lotus flower is thought by many to be the most beautiful flower in the world? It’s often associated with words like beauty, purity and elegance.

Work your way through this lesson and pretty soon you’ll have a beautiful, elegant lotus flower drawing of your very own!

Lotus flower drawing framework

First Step – Lotus Flower Center

First, make a dot to become the central point of your lotus flower. I recommend you do this near the lower middle of the page.

Keep the dot very light. I only make this one bright green so that you can see it clearly in the lesson. Make sure that all of your original lines are nice and light so you can erase them later on.

Now, from the dot, draw the same six lines extending outwards just like I have. These lines become the stem and the petals of your lotus flower.

I recommend you start with the central petal. Draw it symmetrically. Then, move on to the right and left petals which are actually at the same level as the center one.

It’s not completely necessary at this point, but do go ahead and add a stem if you like. You may want yours to be floating instead of standing, so it’s up to you.

Lotus flower drawing - drawing the petals

Second Step – Two More Petals

Beginning at the central dot once again, draw two curved lines with your pencil. These are the guidelines for the second layer of petals.

From this point on, things can get a little bit tedious. It’s not really difficult, but just that with every new petal, you’ll also be drawing a new line. Soon, you’ll have many lines to work with, so be sure to keep things symmetrical and do take your time! 🙂

With each new petal, you’re actually drawing less and less because each new layer is slightly hidden by the one beneath and in front of it.

Alright, got your second layer of petals finished? Excellent. Let’s move on…

Third Step – Sequentially Draw the Petals of Your Lotus Flower

Well, now that you’re well on your way with your lotus flower drawing, the next step is to continue its development by drawing in the remaining layers of petals. Like this…

Lotus flower drawing - drawing more petals Lotus flower drawing - continuing with the petals Lotus flower drawing - drawing even more petals

By carefully mapping out each guideline with each new petal, your lotus flower drawing will come together nicely. Even though it looks like things are getting more difficult because of all of the lines that you must draw, it’s actually getting easier because you draw less and less of each petal as you move up the flower to the next layer.

And once you’ve finalized that very last layer of petals… you’re done!

Lotus flower drawing picture

Final Step – Your Lotus Flower Revealed!

Once you reach the final layer of petals as you did above, all that remains is to finalize the outline of your flower. So, get out your eraser and get rid of all of the unwanted underlying lines.

After this, go ahead and spice up your drawing to make it extra special and uniquely yours. Lotus flowers are not always purple. It’s also common to see white ones. So go ahead and add some color as you see fit.

Another thing too… you can draw your lotus flower so that it’s floating on the water if you like. If so, erase the stem and draw in the water around it.

Whatever you decide, in the end you’ve got a beautiful lotus flower drawing – as pure and elegant as they are known to be! Here’s to some very nice work indeed!