How to Draw Orco from Heeman

Orco from Heeman cartoon image

Orco, in the hit 80s cartoon – Heman and the Masters of the Universe, is a small wizard-like creature. So yes, he had magical abilities. And also — he kind of resembled a ‘Jawa’, the brown-cloaked aliens from Star Wars: A New Hope.

To simplify this character into shapes, the most basic arrangement to come up with – is just as he looks… a triangle. Here though, I’ve added a few more things to help making the drawing process, all the more fun and easy.

Here we go!

First Step – Like a Triangle with a Hat!

In drawing this character, go ahead and first design a simple lightly-sketched framework – from which to base the lines on before you actually draw them. If anything, it helps for visualizing the BIG PICTURE, and the end goal.

Here it is…

Simple framework for drawing Orco from Heeman Framework for drawing Orco from Heeman

In this case – with respect to the cross over the circle… the intersection is lower than normal. And this is because his eyes are set lower, as his big pink hat covers most of his head – as it probably would any other wizard.

Next – to the drawing!

Second Step – How to Draw Orco

Beginning with his eyes – positioned about the intersection of the framework cross, go ahead now – and bring forth this cool-looking 80s cartoon wizard. Oh – and I may have forgot to mention it up top, but he’s also one of the ‘good guys’.

To the board!…

Drawing the eyes of Orco Drawing the scarf of Orco from Heeman Continuing with Orco's scarf Drawing Orco's arms Drawing Orco's body Completing Orco's body Drawing Orco's thumbs Drawing the rest of Orco's hands How to draw Orco's cuffs How to draw Orco's hat How to draw Orco's ears How to draw Orco's hat Cartoon drawing of Orco from Heeman Cartoon image of Orco from Heeman and the Masters of the Universe

Pretty neat looking when complete – this easy-to-draw character looks even better when colored. I always remember him being magenta (his cloak) – and having a violet/purple scarf. Slight variation though – and it’s sure to look OK.

Well – that’s all for this lesson. More to come! 🙂