How to Draw a Party Hat Drawing

Cartoon party hat drawing image

Creating a party hat drawing like this one makes for a nice little decoration – great for bringing in the New Year.

Unlike the usual ‘pointy hat style’, here we’ll tackle a top hat, very similar to the ones you see people actually wearing on New Year’s Eve…

To simplify this lesson, we’ll be using a simple square as a framework.

This will help you maintain proportion as you sketch from top to bottom.

Let’s begin…

First – Draw Your Party Hat Using a Simple Square Framework

A simple square is all it takes to mark off the centered position of your soon-to-be party hat drawing. Of course, a rectangle will achieve the same goal. Use either of the two depending on how tall you want your hat to be.

Beginning with the very top, here’s how it takes shape…

Simple square framework to draw a cartoon party hat Drawing the top part of the cartoon party hat Completing a simple cartoon party hat drawing

As you can see, the drawing is being viewed from straight on. But taking things a step further… giving your hat a ‘3D/viewed from above‘ sort of look… draw a skinny ellipse at the very top of your framework to start things off. Notice how the top curve of the ellipse is closer to the framework line than the bottom curve of the ellipse.

Moving along, when you get to the lower part – the brim… it might be helpful to first mark off a few lightly sketched pencil points along the path you intend to draw. Three should be fine. One at the extreme left, one at the extreme right, and the third, at the extreme bottom of the curve.

Alright, one last thing to do!…

Drawing a cartoon party hat

And Then – Add the Details

To finish off your drawing, go ahead and create a simple band going across the top of your party hat drawing. Then, similar to how I’ve done on the left, add a message to suit the occasion.

Looking up top at the finished example, you’ll notice I’ve taken things a step further by adding some stars around the text, that and of course – color too!

Something that may work well… after you’ve colored your hat – it might be neat to add some glitter over top. It’ll help give off that authentic ‘New Year’s look’.

Well, there you have it… your party hat’s complete!