How to Draw a Party Horn Drawing

Party horn drawing cartoon image

Alright… last lesson it was the hat. Now for the party horn drawing! Similar to a kazoo, these noisy devices can be seen all over the place on New Year’s Eve.

And being such a popular way to bring in the New Year… let’s draw it!

The trickiest part of this lesson, is drawing the many tinsel streamers that come off the end of the horn.

Take your time with this part, and really… the rest is a snap!

Here goes…

First – Party Horn Drawing, Framework & Streamers

First thing, go ahead and draw yourself a simple framework, just like the one shown in the example below. For the oval on the end… do just that. Make sure it’s an oval and not a circle as this party horn’s being viewed at an angle – and not from straight on.

Here’s how it comes together…

Framework for drawing a simple party horn image
Drawing the strings on the end of a cartoon party horn

For the streamers around the opening of the horn, get creative! Draw them straight, curly, overlapping… and any other way you wish. While this part does look to be a little complex, the secret is to keep on going. It won’t look that great at first with only a few streamers in place, but gradually – as you draw more and more… it’ll look great.

Tip: As you’re drawing the streamers, don’t feel you have to work your way around like a clock – one next to the other. As long as they’re all ‘about’ the same length and originate at some point around the oval… you can have them going all over the place, and draw them in any order that you like.

Got your streamers drawn then? Great, on to the second (and final) part…

And Then – Finish Off Your Party Horn Drawing

Using the line that extends from your oval, draw the core party of your party horn just like I’ve done below. Bring the lines together as one shape by adding a small curved line at the far right.

Just like this…

Drawing the main body of the cartoon party horn
Finished cartoon party horn drawing with text

And as you can see – the rest is pretty straight forward. Draw in the mouthpiece and then finish your party horn drawing off with a nice little New Year’s greeting. After that, add some color, a pattern perhaps… and anything else to make your creation all the more unique.

That’s it!