How to Draw a Passionflower

Cartoon passionflower image

Food for hummingbirds, and yielding the delicious passion fruit – the passionflower (passion flower) is a beautiful sight – when seen growing on a vine in real life. Here in this lesson, let’s recreate it – in the form of a simplified cartoon drawing.

This lesson plays largely around symmetry and sequence. It’s designed to give you ‘an idea’ of where everything goes. With structure in place – use your imagination, deviate… and come up with a unique version of your own.

That’s what it’s all about! 🙂

First Step – Get the ‘Look’ Right BEFORE You Draw!

This type of flower really is quite unique. It’s quite detailed too… lots of intricate parts and details. The following framework should help give you a better idea of how to best tackle it – in the form of a drawing.

Here are the images…

Two circles to draw a simple passionflower cartoon Sketching lines to give the passionflower structure Drawing a framework to help draw a passionflower Detailing the framework to help to draw a passionflower Adding a pistol to the passionflower framework Completing the framework for a passionflower drawing

The smaller spokes about the center, are the key features in making the ‘look’ of this particular flower. When it comes to the drawing part — again — branch off sketching in more or less petals – of different sizes too.

Getting creative now…

Second Step – How to Draw a Passionflower

Alright – here’s how it all comes together. Notice how throughout the following steps, I encourage drawing in a specific sequence. Anything closest to the observer should be drawn first (again – a suggestion!) – as those parts falling in behind are obscured in areas… makes it easier! 🙂

Step by step…

Adding the first few details to the passionflower Continuing on with the passionflower More details for drawing a passionflower Drawing the first layer of petals for the passionflower Drawing more details for the passionflower Drawing larger petals for the passionflower Passion flower cartoon drawing image Picture of a cartoon passionflower

Color taken into account – this truly is a magnificent-looking flower. It will be even more fun to draw more. Use a reference image to create variations… and then – maybe draw a passion fruit!?

See you again soon for another lesson. 🙂