Phoenix Drawing Cartoon Lesson

Phoenix drawing cartoon image

In this lesson, let’s go ahead and create a phoenix drawing – similar to the one you see to the right.

Written about in both ancient egyptian and greek mythology, this mythological creature is unique to all others as it’s pretty much – invincible!

As the story goes, this fiery bird is continuously ‘reborn’ after by setting both itself and its nest aflame. A new bird takes its place every time this happens.

Today, this ‘bird of fire’ has become even more popular through popular media such as X-Men and of course, the Harry Potter books and movies.

Alright then, let’s create some cool drawings of the phoenix bird…

Simple framework for creating a cartoon phoenix drawing

First Step – Simple-Shaped Framework

In this lesson, maintaining symmetry is of great importance. And so, a centerline will be very helpful in keeping everything balanced. So, go ahead and begin by drawing a simple vertical line.

Next up – the simple shapes which compose your phoenix drawing. In its most basic form, our main concern is with getting the head, wings and tail firmly in place. Other details such as the neck, body and feet are simple to draw once you’ve mapped out the previous three.

If you like though – do go ahead and mark off a few other features that you feel necessary. You may find it more helpful if you have a more detailed guideline to work from.

Second Step – Drawing the Central Part of Your Phoenix

As with most drawing lessons involving a ‘head’… begin by sketching in the simple details that compose the face of your bird. Eyes, beak, and a few feathers up top will do nicely. Then, draw in its ovular head, along with the neck.

Just like this…

How to draw the head of a phoenix drawing Creating the rest of the head of the phoenix Drawing the feet of a cartoon phoenix Drawing the middle section of a cartoon phoenix

In the area where the lower triangle peaks, meeting with the body – draw in two ‘chicken-like‘ feet for your phoenix. You don’t have to draw them like mine… see what you can come up with on your own.

Then, once the feet are in place, slowly bring its body and tail into view. I recommend you begin just under the neck, and then gradually work your way down from there. Pretty easy with a line and triangle to help!

And now for the last step… drawing the wings!

Final Step – Draw the Wings and Set Your Phoenix Free!

In the final phase of this phoenix drawing, go ahead and give it a set of wings. Use the top portions of the triangles to help you maintain about equal distance from the center. Once this is done, drawing the feathers underneath is simple.

Here’s how the wings of my phoenix take shape…

Drawing the tail feathers and wings of a cartoon phoenix Cartoon phoenix drawing image

And there it is, all finished up – and minus the underlying framework lines. Now, for an added touch!…

Aside from coloring your phoenix red, orange and yellow… draw some flames around the entire perimeter of the bird. Have a look up top and you’ll see I colored mine blue. Gives it a really neat effect!

Well, congrats to you… you’re all done. 🙂