How to Draw Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies cartoon image

A popular game on the Internet – in Plants vs. Zombies, you find yourself in the following situation….



You’ve got these ‘cute’ little "zombie-zapping" plants – allowing you to defend yourself against the onslaught.

Here, let’s draw the ‘first line of defence’… this cute little sunflower character.

And before we begin, thanks for the suggestion Jack! 🙂

First Step – Same as a Real Sunflower (Just Add a Face!)

In drawing this character, our main concern is mapping out and/or visualizing the key shapes which play a role. Up top – an oval. And down below, two circles to help position the cartoonish leaves, as they branch out on either side.

Here it is…

Draw a vertical line for the sunflower Drawing three ovals for the structure of the sunflower

Really, this is more than enough to get going with such a simple character to draw.

Let’s begin…

Second Step – Plants vs. Zombies – How to Draw a Sunflower

Alright, zoom in on that oval to start. And using the steps below… sketch in the various components – beginning with the eyes and mouth (it’s not open in the game I don’t think)… then out to the head/petals… and then finish it off!

Here goes…

Drawing the face of the sunflower Drawing the head of the sunflower Drawing the petals of the sunflower Drawing the leaves of the sunflower Drawing the other sunflower leaf Drawing the stem of the sunflower Black and white drawing of a Plants vs. Zombies sunflower Drawing of a sunflower from Plants vs. Zombies

Quite the fun, cute, DANGEROUS (to zombies!)… character.

And that’s that. Another drawing lesson under your belt, and more practice to take you to your ultimate (and continuous) goal — improving at drawing! 🙂

See you later!