Praying Mantis Insect Drawing Lesson

Cartoon praying mantis image

Drawing a praying mantis insect – one that’s cartoonified and stylized uniquely like the one you see above, is easy enough when we first take into account – its structure. Working through this lesson… see if you can come up with a unique look of your own.

Let’s get started!

Learn How to Draw a Praying Mantis

First up, let’s focus on the structure of the insect – marking off those parts (shapes) which best illustrate the form of the subect. Of course, this is only a guide/suggestion… if you can think of a different way – or even if you just want to keep this in mind (literally)… by all means do!

So first up then, here’s how the structure comes into view…

Framework for drawing a cartoon praying mantis

Followed by the limbs and antennae…

Continuing the framework for drawing a praying mantis

Now to the lines, begin with the left eye and part of the head…

Drawing the head of a cartoon praying mantis

Next, bring the rest of the head into view – and also… work your way down to the neck area…

Simple head for a cartoon praying mantis

Draw in the upper arms of your praying mantis

Drawing a praying mantis insect cartoon

Next – it’s on to the lower legs…

Drawing the legs of the praying mantis cartoon

Keep going with your lines – bringing into view the rest of its body, the legs on its other side, and anything else you feel necessary

Drawing the body of the praying mantis insect cartoon

And minus the framework…

Praying mantis cartoon drawing image

Finally – colored and all, here’s how it turns out…

Picture of a praying mantis cartoon drawing

And now that you’re all finished, how about some additional details – things to as I hinted at above… make it even that much more unique to you.

Congrats on an excellent job – see you soon for another drawing lesson!