How to Draw R2D2 from Star Wars

How to draw r2d2 from Star Wars image

Creating this lesson – drawing R2D2 – a favorite character from the Star Wars universe… I did my best in keeping a close likeness to the original version, but at the same time – simplifying things so it’s easier for you to draw.

If you examine the shapes/details that go into this lesson – you’ll notice that they don’t quite match up with the one in the movies. And this is intentional. I hope you have a fun time sketching out your own version of this cool character.

OK then – let’s begin!

Learn How to Draw R2D2 from Star Wars

Step by step, here’s how to draw this character – with structure taken into account ahead of time. Notice how the initial process is quite similar to other lessons here on the site – a cross for balance and symmetry, followed by some easy-to-draw shapes to bring forth the form ahead of time.

Do this with lightly sketched pencil lines if you like, or just look it over – cementing the general idea in you mind before you begin…

A simple framework for drawing r2d2 from Star Wars

Added shapes and lines to help visualize R2’s shape and structure

A more advanced framwork for drawing r2d2

OK – now for the lines. Star with the dome up top… and for the little ‘scope’ that comes off to the side – begin with the top part as it obstructs the view of details soon to follow…

Drawing the top part of r2d2

Not *exact* but ‘close enough’… go ahead and sketch in those features on R2D2’s dome which best help convince the observer of what it is we’re drawing.

Again, there are tons of little details to add if you wish – but really – I recommend you get the general idea down and then take it from there…

Finishing the dome part of r2d2

A few lines, a few curves – start bringing the whole of your subject into view like so

Drawing the body of r2d2 from Star Wars

And continuing on – notice the simplification of shapes that otherwise – would appear more 3D and precise, if we were to account for every little angle – perspective taken into account…

Drawing the sides of r2d2 from Star Wars

Continuing onward…

Completing the main parts of r2d2 from Star Wars

And finally – go ahead and draw in any additional details (boxes, circles, lines, etc.) – which best bring out the likeness we’re trying to achieve.

Finished drawing of r2d2

Really though – it’s all about the color (blue, silver and white)…

Cartoon drawing of r2d2 from Star Wars

So compared to the original – although this does look like R2D2 – again, you’ll notice many little differences along the way. A second time through and perhaps you can ‘spice things up a bit’ with even more attention paid to detail.

Or – why not convert your droid into another version. A red ‘R5’ perhaps?

Nice work – see you again soon for another lesson! 🙂