Rabbit Drawing Cartoon Lesson

Cartoon rabbit drawing image

Here in this simple rabbit drawing lesson…

I wanted to keep things as easy as possible – while at the very same time, make for a situation, where you can still *branch off* – and tap into your own creativity and imagination, a chance to make the final outcome, uniquely yours.

And yes, while it will have some resemblance to mine, when your done – here, it’s all about "letting go", being free with your pencil strokes, and of course…

Having fun!

Let’s begin…

A Simple Rabbit Drawing, Step by Step

OK, so with this cartoon rabbit – let’s begin like usual, with a framework of basic shapes – something to help us visualize what we’re going to draw, before we actually lay down any lines.

Circles and ovals doing the trick – here’s a rough idea, of what yours could look like…

Cartoon rabbit drawing framework

Next up – fading our blues lines to something very light in color…

Go ahead now, and give you rabbit drawing a face – marking off the mouth, nose area, and also the eyes.

Just simple lines here, is all it takes.

And don’t worry about perfection!

Draw a simple face for your cartoon rabbit drawing

Here with the eyes and teeth, I kept the lines rough and sketchy-looking, something I did on purpose, as I’d like to see you attempt this – will little concern in this area.

Keep your hand loose. Just have fun, roughly laying down the lines. Erase if you like – but really, there’s no need.

Just keep on flowing along…

Draw the eyes nose and teeth of your cartoon rabbit drawing


Next, on to the head – mapped out ahead of time by an oval (mouth area) and a circle (top of the head)…

Go ahead – and using quick, wispy strokes of your pencil or stylus – gradually bring in the perimeter into view like so.

You don’t have to worry about lines connecting either. Here it’s all about shape and form – marking off that "rough idea"…

Rabbit Drawing - how to draw the fur around its head

Fading what we’ve previously drawn – out to light grey…

This helps to focus on the next step, free your mind up (hopefully!) even more. 🙂

Again, you can see how easy I’ve made this lesson. And when I say "easy" – I’m not saying that sure, it’s easy for anyone to draw. But I do mean in the approach, and in the amount of care taken with each line.

You can just freely, lay them down – an an order, style and sequence "close enough" to what I’ve done.

Here’s how the body begins…

Drawing the fur of your cartoon rabbit character

More of those simple, disconnected, sketchy, messy looking lines – and when all is said and drawn…

Drawing the ears and body of your cartoon rabbit

We’ve got a cute, simple rabbit drawing – one that if you like, can be stylized even further to take on a look of your own.

Here it is…

Completed cartoon rabbit drawing

And then, with some color…

Rabbit drawing cartoon image

And that’s it!

A cute looking bunny rabbit.

Going back to the start of the lesson again for a second, I’d just like to point out – that by sketching out those simple shapes ahead of time – can really help.

It doesn’t always have to be shapes.

It could just be some basic lines – to help give you the "gist" of what you’re going to be drawing.

Point being – anything to help the creative mind stay free along the path, is well worth it.

Well, hope you enjoyed the lesson.

See you soon for another! 🙂