How to Draw a Raccoon Cartoon

Raccoon cartoon image

When going about drawing a simple raccoon cartoon like the one pictured above, it’s a good idea to sketch out a quick rough version of the character first.

And yes, that’s what I normally do when creating these lessons – a quick rough version on pencil or paper (or on the computer using a tablet), followed by the breakdown and construction of its basic parts – giving a framework from which our character is based.

Here then, let’s draw a cute and simple raccoon character – sitting in an upright position…

How to Draw a Raccoon Cartoon

Breaking down the body of our character – I’ve simplified things into a series of circles – ones for the head, snout, and then two more for the body – one big (lower), and one small (mid-section).

Here’s the very first step in the approach…

Circles for drawing a raccoon cartoon

And then – something a bit more refined…

Here we can see how overlap can help to visualize our raccoon cartoon in 3D, along with the placement of curved lines on the head – marking off a center line from which to position the animal’s features (eyes, nose, etc.) around.

Here it is…

A framework for drawing a raccoon cartoon

Taking things a step further now – here’s another example — this time, our framework has the added details to better help the viewer, see that it is in fact a raccoon that we’re drawing.

So yes – ears, limbs and tail – here’s how it looks!…

Completed cartoon raccoon framework of basic shapes

Next up then – it’s on to the actual drawing!

Start off with a few simple lines on the head – the eye, ear, and beginning of the snout area, sort of like this…

Drawing the face of raccoon cartoon character

And then, moving to the outer part of the head, go ahead and sketch in some of the hair near its cheeks, along with a few more simple lines – slowly bringing our raccoon cartoon character into view.

Here’s what we’ve got so far…

Drawing the head of a raccoon cartoon character

Alright – looking good!

Keep right on going now – drawing in part of the arm and leg, and also – the other ear and eye.

Notice how I’m keeping a certain sequence in our approach? It’s those parts which appear closest to the eye (your eye) that can be better to draw earlier on. In this way, drawing things that appear further back – second…

You won’t have to worry about erasing overlapping lines so much.

Drawing the arm and leg of a raccoon cartoon

More simple lines being places – here’s how our raccoon’s looking with it’s body just about complete now…

Drawing the lower body of a raccoon cartoon

And yes – keep right on going…

Adding a few more lines here and there, to complete your raccoon cartoon drawing.

Drawing the feet of a raccoon cartoon

Of course, no way can we call it a raccoon – if it doesn’t have its trademark "mask".

Here in this step, you can see how I’ve added it in – staying with the flow, of the contours of the face.

Here’s how it looks – tail in place, and just about finished now…

Drawing the mask and tail of a raccoon cartoon

Oh yeah – don’t forget the stripes on the tail! 🙂

Drawing the stripes of a raccoon cartoon

And there we go – minus the underlying framework, a simple black and white drawing of a raccoon…

Black and white drawing of a raccoon cartoon

One more step – adding a dash of colour…

Drawing of raccoon cartoon

And we’re all done!

So yeah, that’s *one way* to draw a simple raccoon cartoon.

How did yours turn out?

If it’s not the same – that’s wonderful! It’s always great when you can use the examples here on the site for inspiration, and then go ahead and come up with your own unique characters.

See you again soon for another lesson!