How to Draw the Radish Spirit

How to draw the Radish Spirit from Spirited Away

The Radish Spirit is easily one of the coolest characters (I think!) in Hayao Miyazaki’s popular anime film – Spirited Away. Here – although in the movie he doesn’t really show all that much emotion… I positioned him to be waving – perhaps a goodbye to Sen as she makes her way back from the spirit realm to the real world.

Oh – and you’ll notice… I’ve put a unique spin on this character with respect to the style of lines – eyes too! So yes – it’s a homage to the original.

Picking up our pencils/styluses…

How to Draw the Radish Spirit from ‘Spirited Away’

An easy way to secure the structure of our subject – before we actually draw… is to treat each ‘bulging’ section of his body – as just that – a section.

Below I’ve done just this… a circle up top – and two ovals below…

A framework for drawing the Radish Spirit in Spirited Away

Feature-wise, the Radish Spirit has to have – of course! – a radish-like appearance as part of his make-up. After all… that’s what he is!

Marking off key areas like so…

Further developing the framework to draw the Radish Spirit

OK – before you draw anything here – do note that I’ve changed the style of the eyes, something that came to me as I was working through. Compared to the original – you can easily see the difference.

Start with the top of the upside down radish (kimchi!?) bowl…

Simple lines to draw the hat and eyes of the Radish Spirit

And then yes – make those eyes happen, neatly placed according to the cross, as it place-holds the eyes in relation to A – center, and B – the rest of his soon-to-be-less-circular-and-much-more-radish-like head. 🙂

Drawing the eyes of the Radish Spirit in Spirited Away

I’m thinking – as he waves goodbye to Sen – one of his ‘radish tentacles’ would sort of sway outward – similar to how I’ve depicted it below. Kind of a neat effect…

Drawing the Radish Spirit in Spirited Away

And now – easily almost… give your character some form – working around the shapes we’ve already established.

Here’s how it looks so far…

Drawing the arms and torso of the Radish Spirit in Spirited Away

The spiky little root-like fingers can be made even more interesting by having them take on the look of real ones. Don’t go to far with this though – or we might just lose that likeness we’re trying to maintain!

And don’t forget his bath towel…

Completing the arms of the Radish Spirit in Spirited Away

Some well-placed lines to give off a bit of a more ‘rough’ appearance… some texture even… and here’s what we’ve got…

Drawing of the Radish Spirit from the movie Spirited Away

But then – keeping with the original color code from the movie… a touch of grey really helps to bring things out the way we’d like — just like so…

Cartoon drawing image of the Radish Spirit from Spirited Away

Goodbye Sen – he says… back to the real world, where her parents are no longer pigs!

Hope you had fun with this one… quite honestly – it was inspired after seeing the movie for the fourth time!

Radish Spirit complete! 🙂