Santa Claus Drawing Lesson

Santa Claus drawing lesson image

In this Christmas lesson, learn how to create a simple santa claus drawing, perfect for making crafts and decorations.

And to add a bit of variety, instead of just one example to help guide you along, here you’ve got two!

On the left, you’ve got a shorter plumper version – based on the shape of a simple circle. And on the right, a taller skinnier version – based on the shape of a simple rectangle.

The idea here is that by first sketching your santas out on paper, making the transition to an actual ‘3D’ craft will be all the more easy afterward.

Let’s begin!

First Step – A Crafty Framework for a Crafty Santa Drawing

The first step in creating your santa claus drawing – which ever way you choose to go… begin by drawing a simple shape on the page in front of you. Then, once your shape’s in place, go ahead and map out the head area (with a cross) as well as the limbs of your character…

Two simple shapes for two cartoon Santas Framworks for drawing two simple cartoon Santas

Actually, in drawing this first and basic part – you might get some ideas along the way for how you might go about making your drawing into a craft after. For example – the circle could be a styrofoam ball, and the rectangle – a stick perhaps. Keep the ideas coming as you move through the lesson.

And now, on to the actual drawing phase!…

Second Step – Craft Your Character, Line by Line

When it comes to santa, one thing’s for sure — there’s lots of ‘fluffy white stuff’ going on. On his hat, his coat – his cuffs and of course – his beard! Draw in these areas first, similar to how I’ve done below. Simple cloud-like forms do the trick nicely.

Just like this…

Drawing the white fluffy parts of the cartoon Santas Drawing the bodies of the cartoon Santas

Of course with crafting, you’ll put things together quite the opposite. The ‘fluffy white stuff’ will surely go last, and instead of lines – you’ll probably be using cotton balls, or something similar.

Once you’ve got the ‘fluff’ and beard of your santa claus drawing complete, sketch in his boots, hat, and his body – lining up with the main shape of your original framework. Do this, and it’s on to the final step…

Final Step – Wrap Up Your ‘Crafty’ Santa Claus Drawing

With the main parts of your santa in place, go ahead and draw in the remaining details. For example – his buckle/belt across his tummy, as well as another line of white fluff going up his middle.

Then, just as you might do as a last step when ‘crafting’ a santa… give your character a face…

Sketching the final parts of the cartoon Santas Cartoon Santa Claus drawing

And after that — that’s it!

Creating ‘crafty’ santa claus drawings like these ones will surely make for some great decorations at Christmas time. And just as you were creative in developing his shape and look through simple lines, coming up with an actual ‘3D’ craft is all the more doable now that you’ve got a nice blueprint to work from!

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!