How to Draw Science Cartoons

Science cartoons! If there was ever someone that first came to mind at the thought of ‘the scientific and the artistic combined’…

It’d be Leonardo Da vinci – truly an inspiration to so so many.

Just as art has always been something I was ‘drawn to’ – so was science.

Really, the two subjects go hand in hand when you think about it, as many of the ideas we wish to relate to and understand in the scientific realm – can usually be better understood through visual aids… diagrams… and yes…

Simple cartoons.

A good example – going back to my high school days for a second…

Is using drawing to better understand scientific processes.

Science Cartoons

I remember in biology, drawing the entire processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration on large poster-sized pieces of paper (bristol board).

What a great study aid these were.

Sure notes were helpful – but being able to constantly refer to the ‘BIG PICTURE’ – I know for a fact…

That this played a large role in doing better on tests. Made it much easier to understand, to REMEMBER, and well…

Made the learning process all the more enjoyable.

Here then, we’ve got a selection of various drawing lessons – each geared toward a better understanding of the scientific, through the help of simple visual steps.

A recommendation before you begin… check out John Boswell’s Symphony of Science website. Here you can download and listen to music – inspired by Science and Space!

Let the educational cartoon drawing lessons begin!

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  • DNA Sequencing

    In this first lesson, learn to draw deoxyribonucleic acid – more commonly known as DNA.


  • Draw a Human Heart

    Learn how to draw a beautiful, fully colored and detailed human heart in this lesson.