Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch Lesson

How to draw Oscar the Grouch

Next up – let’s draw the grumpiest character on Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch!

BUT WAIT!!!… Why is he smiling?

Well, this very rare occasion (it is his 40th birthday and all)… is one of the few times you’ll catch this character with a big bright gleaming smile. Of course, when it comes to this drawing lesson — you can set him in which ever mood you choose. Get creative!

To the paper…

First Step – The Garbage Can Makes it Easy!…

In the last Sesame Street lesson – drawing Cookie Monster… we could have easily taken a similar shortcut to the one here – as normally, we do only see the upper half of Cookie Monster. With Oscar though, it’s probably best to leave him in the garbage can. Really, it’s what makes this character so unique.

Here’s a simple plan to go about it…

How to draw Oscar the Grouch - a simple framwork Oscar the Grouch - a framework for drawing the character Oscar the Grouch - finished framework

Very similar to other lesson you’ll find here – this framework sort of puts your mind at ease. Before you even put the pencil to the paper – even if you don’t use this approach… you can at least visualize the shapes and form involved before-hand.

An added (and helpful) bonus! 🙂

Second Step – Draw Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch

I’m wondering if you can pick them up – the subtle differences between the actual Oscar, and the one depicted here according to the placement of my lines, and all around unique style of drawing.

The eye brows…the way his fur is ‘spiked’… even the mouth/tongue. So basically, just remember – even though we’re drawing a homage to another character – one we didn’t create… there’s no reason why during the process of creation – you can’t "inject" your own unique style into it.

It’s what drawing’s all about!

Drawing the eyebrows of Oscar the Grouch Drawing the eyes of Oscar the Grouch Drawing the mouth of Oscar the Grouch Drawing the head of Oscar the Grouch Drawing the hands Oscar the Grouch Drawing a garbage pail for Oscar the Grouch Finishing the garbage pail for Oscar the Grouch Oscar the Grouch cartoon image Oscar the Grouch cartoon drawing

Gotta love this character. What amazed me the most is even though he lives in a garbage can — it’s actually quite the living space inside!

And that’s that. A little color, a little detail… a banana peel!?… and you’re done!

Hope you enjoyed this Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch drawing lesson… and yes — you guessed it! — more Sesame Street lessons on the way! 🙂