Sharktopus Drawing Lesson

How to draw Sharktopus image

Remember "Sharktopus" from a while back, the creature had been a bit of a hit over the Internet.

I mean come on… crossing a shark with an octopus!? It’s a given. 🙂

And yes, even though the movie didn’t do so well at all – FOR SURE… something this monstrously awesome, makes for quite the drawing lesson.

Talk about creativity.

So let’s do it!

Learn How to Draw Sharktopus

OK – Sharktopus.

So let’s draw him cute and cartoony – and also, standing upright… a little ‘anthropomorphic’ (like a human), if you will

Beginning with a lightly sketched framework – blue’s great on the eyes and brain… here’s a rough sketch below – simple shapes arranged to make sense.

Can you see how the circles will fit into the final design? Check up to again, to take a look…

Framework for drawing Sharktopus

Getting the position of our character in place – I added some green lines – emphasizing the location of the back and side fins.

Keep in mind, it’s going to be turning *slightly* to its right. So knowing this… we can account for the most prominent features ONLY, for the time being.

Soon – we’ll let the imagination, fill in the rest. 🙂

Second version for drawing Sharktopus

Oh – and notice how in the location – where the tail would normally go… I’m foreshadowing the first of eight? tentacles, for the octopus portion of our character?

Well one is all that’s necessary right now, to cement this idea. You can draw the remaining tentacles, overlapping in behind the first.

Get that first one down, and the rest – will follow suit.


Beginning of course – with an eye (window to the soul), and a bit of the mouth and nose…

Drawing the eye and snout of Sharktopus

And then keep right on going, using the framework *if it helps* to gauge where and how you’re going to place your lines as you draw…

Drawing the head, fin and flipper of Sharktopus

There he is! Cartoon Sharktopus, coming into view now.

Mirror an eye on the other side of his head – remember it’s going to be smaller… it’s further away!

And those teeth! Draw them nice and big…

Continuing a cartoon drawing of Sharktopus

On to the tentacles – now you can really see – how drawing one to begin, will help to visualize the rest, layering in behind as Sharktopus sits upright, at the bottom of the ocean…

Drawing the tentacles for a cartoon Sharktopus

And don’t draw yours *exactly like mine*. You’ve got all sorts of ways to go here.

What could be really neat, is to have two tentacles curving up from behind – sort of like Dr. Octopus from Spiderman.

That would be cool!…

Drawing additional tentacles for a cartoon Sharktopus

And here he is – black and white, and minus a framework.

Again, if you do use the framework – it’s always good to keep your lines nice and light. Same goes if your using layers in Photoshop, Art Rage, etc. Turn the opacity down – emphasizing your dark and final strokes, with clarity.

Here it is…

Cartoon drawing of Sharktopus

And then, with some color…

Sharktopus cartoon picture

Haha – now that’s one cute-looking cartoon Sharktopus!

How did yours turn out? What color is yours?

Did you change yours to look like a cross between a hammerhead shark and a squid, instead? 🙂

Nice work, and see you real soon for another fun lesson!