How to Draw Skeletor from Heeman

Skeletor cartoon drawing image

He dares anything… he is… SKELETOR!

Any fan of the hit 1980s cartoon show – Heman and the Masters of the Universe, would know that this is the main villain in the series. And not just on the show, but he’s easily one of the coolest villains of all time.

In creating this lesson, I tried to design it so you could approach it with the most ease, yes still making it look like the character, highly detailed and all.

Let’s draw him.

First Step – Map Out Skeletor as You Plan to Draw Him

Here in this lesson, taking a symmetrical approach can actually make the entire process that much easier as you’re able to mirror left and right as you progress. This, coupled with the core simple shapes and lines from which to map out your character… makes the lesson more enjoyable all around.

For the structure – here’s how it looks…

A simple framework for drawing Skeletor
A detailed framework for drawing Skeletor

In looking at a few reference images, I noticed that key features included the ‘X’ across his chest, and a unique-styled belt. The helpf of a few guidelines help to bring these features out.

Also… he’s a bit bigger up top, so a circle helps to map out his bulk. And then of course… his sword and neat looking ‘buffalo head skull’ staff.

A simple blueprint in place – and we’re off!

Second Step – How to Draw Skeletor

For the skull and hood areas, let’s first zoom in so you can have a better look at how the lines come into form. Do this, and after… continue forward, slowly bringing the body of your character into view.

Alright – here’s how to draw him…

Drawing Skeletor's eyes and nose

Drawing part of Skeletor's skull

Continuing with Skeletor's skull

Completing Skeletor's skull

Starting Skeletor's torso

Drawing the design of Skeletor's torso

Drawing the bones on Skeletor's chest

Drawing Skeletor's hood

Drawing Skeletor's belt details
Continuing with Skeletor's belt
Drawing Skeletor's arms
Continuing with Skeletor's arms
Drawing of Skeletor's hands
Sketching Skeletor's weapons - a sword and staff
Completing Skeletor's sword
Continuing with Skeletor's weapons
Drawing Skeletor's legs and staff
Ddrawing Skeletor's shins
Completing a drawing of Skeletor
Simple cartoon drawing of Skeletor from Heeman
Cartoon drawing of Skeletor from Heeman and the Masters of the Universe

Looks pretty cool when he’s all done… colored in blue and purple – and especially… holding that neat-looking staff at his side. You might noticed in the last two images, a few things that are actually a bit different from the Skeletor you see in the cartoon.

For example… his sword is a bit different… his shin pads – again different… and I think the crossbones on his chest are a bit smaller too.

In your case – always keep in mind, it’s the ‘likeness’ we’re going for, so have fun as you creatively come up with your own unique homage to this character.

And that’s the end of the first 80s Cartoons lesson. Hope you had fun! 🙂