Thai Orchid Drawing Cartoon Lesson

Thai orchid cartoon drawing image

A flower that just shouts ‘exotic!’ – creating a Thai orchid drawing like this one is really easy when you understand the basic idea of how it all comes together.

In the intro I mentioned ‘windmills‘. And yes… windmills it is! As you’ll soon see, drawing a Thai orchid is easier when you use a windmill-like framework like the one below. Anything to keep things nice and simple!

Something else to help, I also recommend that you use a centerline to help keep your orchid symmetrical. As you can see on the right (similar to the pansy), orchids when viewed straight-on are easier to draw when you strive to achieve and maintain symmetry. It makes for a really nice flower when you’re all done.

And so, let’s get going – creating a beautiful orchid of your own!…

First Step – Two ‘Windmills’ Make an Ideal Orchid Framework

Ah yes… the windmills! At first glance, a thai orchid may look rather complex. With respect to drawing, it’s a bit difficult at first to visualize the origin and position of the petals. But then again, a closer look reveals otherwise…

Simple framework for drawing a Thai orchid Second framework step for drawing a Thai orchid Mapping out the structure of a Thai orchid cartoon drawing

To simplify things, the petals of the flower can be viewed in two parts – each one composed of three petals. In each part – the petals are arranged in the same way as the arms of a large windmill. One part is ‘right-side up’ while the other is ‘upside down’. Put them together and Voila! – you’ve got an orchid framework!

Now, let’s get to the drawing part!…

Drawing the first petal on a Thai orchid cartoon

And Then… Draw Your Thai Orchid

It’s a good idea to begin with the upper layer of petals – the ones that appear closest to the eye. These are the ones on the ‘upside down’ windmill.

I recommend you begin with the lower petal as it’s easily the most difficult to draw of all six petals. Well… not THAT difficult! Draw two curved lines extending out from the center. Then, cap it off with a cloud-like formation – similar to a chef’s hat.

Alright, one petal down… five more to go!

Next, turn your focus to the upper left and right petals of your drawing. And similar to how I’ve done below, draw the top left and right petals angled up and away from the center of the flower. Notice how the lower portion of each petal is bigger than the top? Do the same to achieve a closer likeness to the real thing…

Drawing the upper petals on a Thai orchid cartoon Drawing the petals in behind on a Thai orchid cartoon

With a ‘left equals right’ approach, you’ve now got the first (and upper) portion of your orchid drawing complete. The second (and lower) portion is next, and it’s really easy to draw… actually MUCH easer!

Because the lower petals are only partially seen, and due to their fairly basic design, drawing the lower portion is literally as easy as 1-2-3. Draw them in just as I have in the example above.

And that’s it! 🙂

So, how’d you do? Pretty easy with the ‘windmill’ idea isn’t it! Well, now that all is said and done, why not take your drawing to the next level with some brilliant purples, lavenders and magentas! That’s right – give your Thai orchid a little color for that ‘truly exotic‘ look!