Tropical Palm Tree Drawing

Cartoon palm tree drawing image

In this tree drawing lesson, I’d like to show you how to draw one of the ultimate symbols of tranquility and relaxation – beautiful cartoon palm trees.

If you’re already living in a tropical area – sure, these trees are the norm. But for many… palm trees symbolize VACATION! And while drawing them – it’s kind of hard to picture anything but a nice trip down south. 🙂

Unlike the ultra-simple tree in the previous lesson, palm trees are actually a bit tricky to draw. I don’t want to say ‘difficult’ because really — follow the steps here, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Still though, with respect to the leaves and branches of such a tree drawing, it’s crucial that you take your time because there’s lots of repetition as you sketch in the many intricate details that compose them.

Alright, let’s draw a palm tree!

A simple umbrella framework for a cartoon palm tree drawing

First Step – Simple Tree Drawing Framework

Can you think of other things that palm trees resemble? Take a look at the framework to the right. Kind of looks like an umbrella… or perhaps even a firework, the blue line representing its path before explosion.

Well, just like an umbrella or firework, this palm tree drawing will be skinny at the bottom, and branch out in several directions at the top.

Go ahead and sketch yourself a framework/guideline then, just like the one in the example. As for the spokes (branches) at the very top… feel free to add more or less. Three should be the minimum. The less branches there are – the less work for you! 🙂

And, once you’re done sketching out your framework, let’s continue on to the palm tree itself.


Second Step – Designing the Intricate Branches of a Palm Tree

Alright… let’s zoom in on the very top of the drawing – the part where the branches of your palm tree will soon come into view.

The first thing to do is focus on just one of the many branches that ‘branch’ off from the center point marked by the green dot in the example. This part is pretty easy…

Sketching the first part of the cartoon palm tree drawing Detailed leaves of a simple cartoon palm tree drawing

The ‘tricky‘ part then, is drawing the leaves that run alongside each branch. Why? Well, simply put — there are lots of them! And also… you’ve got to make sure that they shrink/grow in size, uniformly as you work your way along each branch.

When you’re finished the first branch, go ahead and complete the remaining branches. You can see what it looks like completed, in the final step of the lesson…

Final Step – Repeat, Add a Trunk… and Your Drawing is Complete!

By ‘repeat’ of course, I mean to sketch in the remaining branches of your palm tree drawing. It’ll take some time, but with a some patience and persistence – in the end you’ll have a really nice-looking ‘palm tree top’, similar to the one below.

In three steps, here’s how the remainder of the drawing plays out…

Completed top part of a cartoon palm tree drawing Creating the trunk lines for a cartoon palm tree drawing Cartoon palm tree drawing image

As you can clearly see, once the top of your palm tree’s in place – the rest is a snap. Simply follow along the curved line to draw the trunk — and then, add any details you feel necessary.

Now – one thing’s for sure… a palm tree just isn’t a palm tree without its bright, tropical greenish/yellowish colors! Get out those pencil crayons and make it happen.

And that’s that! You now know how to create beautiful tropical palm tree drawings!