A Tulip Drawing for Spring!

Tulip drawing image

Spring is finally here and so a tulip drawing lesson is definitely in order! Here, learn how to create cartoon tulips in only a few very simple steps.

This lesson plays out as an even easier version of the lotus flower drawing lesson. Similarly to the lotus flower, we draw the flower part of the tulip using a center point. But unlike the lotus flower, there are fewer petals to draw. So, tulips take less time and are easier.

Something great about drawing tulips… sure they come in a variety of different colors. But what’s really nice is that they all have pretty much the same basic shape. A small flower on top, a long stem down the middle, and big wavy leaves coming from the bottom.

Alright, ready to begin? Let’s go…

Framework for drawing two cartoon tulips

First Step – Tulip Drawing Framework

Similar to the lotus flower drawing, begin your tulip drawing with a center point. Place it near the top and center of your paper. This dot will help you to keep things balanced when you draw the flower part of your tulip.

Next, draw a "pitch fork" shape with the dot at the very center of the fork. The pitch fork is perfect for a tulip framework as it nicely outlines the petals and the stem of your flower.

After you’ve drawn the pitch fork, go all the way down to the bottom of the stem line. Working your way up, out and away from the stem, draw two slightly wavy lines for leaves. The leaves on a tulip are long and distinctly different from other flowers as they start at the ground, where the bulb of the flower is.

Second Step – Draw the Petals of Your Tulip One-By-One

Alright. Now you’ve got a nice framework from which to draw your tulip. So, let’s get to it. Go back up to the center point that you drew in the first step. Then, just like I’ve done below, carefully draw in three petals…

Drawing the first petal of a cartoon tulip Drawing the second petal of a cartoon tulip Drawing the third petal of a cartoon tulip

Note: Your tulip drawing will look much better if you overlap the left and right petals. This makes your flower look more realistic, similar to the way a rose looks with its overlapping petals.

The middle and last petal to draw is a no-brainer. Use the center line and map it out accordingly. When you’re done that, it’s on to the lower part of the flower and the final step of this lesson!

Completed cartoon tulip drawing

Final Step – Draw the Leaves and the Stem

Wow – this is a pretty easy lesson isn’t it! Well, that’s usually how it is with flowers. I’m often amazed with how many different kinds of flowers you can draw with only a few subtle changes in the shape of their petals and leaves.

OK, for the last step then, go down to the very bottom of your flower and draw a couple of big wavy leaves – starting from the ground up. Your original guideline really comes in handy at this stage.

Finally, when the leaves are in place go ahead and draw the stem. A couple straight lines and you’re all set.

And that’s pretty much it. So, what color will your tulip be… Red? Pink? Yellow? Why not draw an assortment of tulips and have them a number of different colors! Much nicer than just one I’m sure. If you’re going for the landscape, then draw a whole field full of them!

And yet another cartoon flower under your belt… good job as always! 🙂