How to Draw a Twitter Bird

How to draw a Twitter bird image

Do you use Twitter? As of January first – I thought it would be a fun way to keep you updated with new lessons to the site – other things too. You can see my page here.

In this lesson – let’s draw a cute little blue bird in the form of a simple cartoon drawing. You can use these steps to help you create a unique one of your own – and also… a badge to put on your site or blog to inform people that you tweet! 🙂

First Step – The Structure for a Cartoon Bluebird…

First thing then – go ahead and map out/visualize the form that your soon-to-be bird will take on. Really, it’s quite easy to do – as the entire shape is based around a couple circles.

Here it is…

Two circle framework for a Twitter bird image Completed framework for drawing a cartoon Twitter bird

Of course – you may wish to take a different route. See if you can change the structure to best suit the ‘look’ you’re going for.

OK, let’s draw now…

Second Step – How to Draw a Twitter Bird

Drawing this cute little bird is much the same with any other animal, with respect to the order by which we go about it. The eyes and beak – at a 3/4 view as it’s seen here… is an excellent starting point as you get an immediate feel for the path your drawing will take.

Step by step… here’s how it comes to be…

Draw the eye and beak for your cartoon Twitter bird Complete the face for your cartoon Twitter bird How to draw a Twitter bird - completing the head and wing Drawing a cartoon Twitter bird - almost complete Simple Twitter bird cartoon picture Twitter bird cartoon drawing image

Looking at the finished version – you can see that it’s pretty generic. You can do all sorts of little things to change yours up. For example… change the feathers to be more curved and less pointy…. give your bird more of a neck and a smaller head… smaller eyes… add some details for feathers… lots of ideas come to mind!

And that’s that. I hope you enjoyed this lesson. 🙂