How to Draw a Wampa

How to draw a wampa from Star Wars

In Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, a wampa is a large carnivorous creature that resides on the planet Hoth – the same place where we witness the AT-ATs for the very first time. Luke Skywalker does battle with one of these creatures at near the beginning of the film.

Here in this lesson – as almost always!… I’ve gone ahead and put my own unique spin on the subject at hand. And also as always!… I encourage you to do the same.

And we’re drawing…

How to Draw a Wampa from Star Wars

Resembling a yeti (abominable snowman, bigfoot) – our subject is going to have a large hulking frame – the upper torso especially big to account for the large shoulders – being able to hold up its over-sized gorilla-like arms.

Here’s a good start…

Framework for a cartoon wampa drawing in Star Wars

Next – go in and bring out the rest of its features – namely the ram-like horns protruding from the mid-skull and wrapping around either side of its face.

Framework to draw a simple cartoon wampa from Star Wars

Right off the bat – I wanted to make this drawing look unique. So regarding the face, I came up with something a bit cartoony, a bit sinister even (the eyes) – and well – different!

Here’s how it starts out…

Drawing the eyes of a cartoon wampa from Star Wars

Spiky lines for fur is a fairly simple way to create the desired effect. Random in your approach – yet still keeping true to the framework that we established in the beginning (yours could be different of course!)… gradually bring the head of the creature into view like so…

Drawing the face of a cartoon wampa

More furry lines…

Continuing with the face of the cartoon wampa drawing

And finishing up with the horns…

Cartoon wampa drawing with horns

Now, with the head in place – you can begin with the simple? task of sketching in the fur that outlines the core structure of the wampa. I say simple? because really – you can go all over the place with your lines here.

If the process isn’t restraining you so much – then you can be more creative and have more fun and so… it becomes easier.

Just make sure you don’t deviate too much from the form that you’ve been planning on ending up with at the very end.

Drawing of a cartoon wampa from Star Wars

Its fur is hanging all over the place – it’s definitely a ‘controlled randomness’ sort of approach!

Continuing with the wampa - drawing its arms and body

OK – and now that your wampa’s got a nice healthy layer of fur – perfect for protection against those icy cold Hoth winds… go ahead and sketch in the final areas – the hands, feet, and any other details you so choose…

Completed cartoon wampa drawing with underlying framework

Prior to color – here’s what we’ve got…

Simple lineart drawing of a cartoon wampa from Star Wars

And colored…

Wampa from Star Wars image

So there we have it – our wampa is now complete, and again – what unique contrast to the original. Actually though – if you compare the original Kenner toy version – to the one in the CGI Empire release – to a few others… they’re all different in their own way.

So here’s another one to the mix! 🙂