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Cartoon whale image

In this first ‘Crazy Cartoons’ lesson – let’s draw a ‘whale and a pail and a snail’. Sounds rather odd doesn’t it! Yup – but that’s exactly the point. Taking three unlikely subjects… and mixing them together into one, cool-looking cartoon drawing. It’s all about encouraging creativity and imagination of course. Use this lesson to help stretch those boundaries, and move forward to create things you may have never thought possible – or at least how to go about it. And also… be sure to vote for the next ‘Crazy Cartoons’ lesson! Onward!

First Step – Map Out the Positioning of Your Shapes & Lines

Clearly – I wanted the whale to be BIG. As it should be. And the snail… small. Rightfully so. The pail (bucket)… for now… is sketched out as a simple square, tilted at an angle as though it’s being held. Here are the shapes and lines…

Cartoon whale framework
Simple framework for drawing a cartoon whale
Framework for a cartoon whale drawing

Pretty simple so far right? Ah but wait… we’re about to add lots of lines for lots of details. It may seem difficult in some ways – but never forget… you can change your drawing such that it takes on a unique look of your own. Seriously!!… substitute the bucket for a guitar. 🙂

Second Step – How to Draw a Whale and a Pail and a Snail!

A good starting point then? The eye! Of course! Yes, do this and then gradually bring the various components of your drawing into view, using the following steps to help you progress. Branch off wherever you see fit. If you want to add the popcorn – do so. Daisy? OK. Or again – switch things up. Make it unique… have fun! Here goes…

Drawing of a cartoon whale - starting with the eye
Cartoon whale drawing - sketching the head
Completing the head of the cartoon whale drawing
Drawing the flipper of the cartoon whale, overalpping the pail
Drawing the popcorn for the cartoon whale
Continuing along the body of the cartoon whale
Beginning the tail of the cartoon whale
Sketching a cute little snail on the tail of a cartoon whale
Completed snail in a cartoon drawing of a whale
Cartoon whale drawing with a happy little flower
Simple cartoon whale drawing - black lineart
Drawing of a cartoon whale

Ah – I like it! It actually turned out pretty cute overall… not something I original planned for. Something about the snail and the flower… and the big smile on the whale’s face. So? How did yours turn out? Did you enjoy this lesson? I hope so! It’s SO important to think and draw ‘outside the box’ when you’re drawing. Anything that helps you do this — gravitate toward it! Til next time.