How to Draw a Cartoon Wooly Mammoth

Wooly mammoth cartoon image

This lesson – drawing a cartoon wooly mammoth (not a dinosaur of course – but a good category for it!) – focuses on three phases instead of two. Once you’ve got a framework in place, you’ll first sketch in the simple ‘straight’ lines that compose it. In a third step, you’ll creatively draw the fur – the wool! – using free-flowing random lines.

Sound good? Good!

Let’s begin…

How to Draw a Wooly Mammoth

3/4 view, start off your drawing with some simple overlapping circles. Use additional lines to help you map out the positioning of key features.

For example, I used two horizontal grey lines to guide the legs in place…

Cartoon wooly mammoth lesson - a simple framework

And just like an elephant – a wooly mammoth has four legs, two tusks – and a trunk! Easy.

Here, I use different colors to better distinguish between the various components.

Colorful framework for a simple wooly mammoth lesson

OK. Now it’s on to ‘simple lines only’ – nothing too fancy… UNLESS OF COURSE… you want to! The whole point with the next few steps, is to sketch a simple version first – before we go ahead and draw in the possibly tedious and detailed ‘wool’. So keep your lines SUPER light for these first few steps…

Drawing of the eye and tusk of a cartoon wooly mammoth

Using the cross – position the head accordingly on either side. Note – perfection can hold off here. Just get the ‘gist’ of it.

With most of the head complete…

Head of the cartoon wooly mammoth - eyes, trunk and tusk

Keep going with the rest of your mammoth’s head. Then move on to the front left leg…

Head drawing of a simple cartoon wooly mammoth drawing

Notice the big ‘bumps’ that mammoths have. Here, I’ve gone ahead and tweaked the proportion slightly. After all… this is a cartoon. Have fun with it!

Coming along nicely – how ’bout yours?…

Drawing of a cartoon wooly mammoth

So now our mammoth is complete. But of course – if you went at the lesson as suggested… we’ve still got to add the fur.

Finished woold mammoth drawing - simple lines

Fading the previous drawing – and grabbing something darker to draw with – now let’s have some fun… sketching in the wool of your cartoon wooly mammoth. These steps should be extra helpful to you – as you get to see the offsetting of lines. Gives a neat perspective on things…

Stylized cartoon wooly mammoth - drawing the wool

With your main drawing in place – the simple lines that is… you can now tap into the right brain solely – and move all over the drawing… gradually brining the finished product into view. It’s similar to how paintings come together… in layers.

Drawing of a wooly mammoth - sketching the trunk and tusks

So here’s mine complete…

Cartoon wooly mammoth drawing

And colored!…

Cartoon drawing of a wooly mammoth

And that’s that. A cool-looking three-phased cartoon wooly mammoth. Pretty fun I’d say. How about yourself? Did you enjoy this lesson?

More to come!